Faulty resistance on an Elite digital qubo smart b+

This is not in workout mode.

My last two rides (races) had to be abandoned due to my smart trainer losing power over the top of hills when the road flattens. The difficulty would increase so pedaling becomes too hard and the watts rapidly decrease despite how hard I try and pedal or if I shifted down. (I have submitted a ticket for this)

I had another try today and something else happened. In free ride mode there were no resistance changes at all. Pedaling at a steady cadence though, my watts would still fluctuate as the on screen gradient changed - but I didn’t feel any change.

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EDIT: Connected via an ANT+ dongle and FE-C options selected on the pair screens.

I have been using zwift for 8/9 months with no problems of this nature.

I have a similar problem which started just yesterday, when I have never had any problems before. Using my Qubo Smart Digital B+, I now can ride any course including those such as the Pretzel and the resistance does not get any easier or harder, but the power output changes hugely. So I am producing 700-800 without breaking into much of a sweat, charging uphill like those people we all love to hate for their ‘cheating’.

I will be interested to see what is suggested as solutions for you, as it is quite annoying at a time of year when I would like to be on Zwift every day!

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Hi I’ve got exactly the same problem , started on Sunday I can hardly turn the pedals on the flat roads , been using turbo for 6 months without a problem , would be good to know if it’s a zwift or elite problem 

Hi. My problem was definitely with the Elite, but I contacted their service dept and they replied very quickly. They sent me the following document which showed how to fix my problem, so you could always try this to see if it works for you. If not, try contacting them and describe the problem and I’m sure they will reply.

I was so impressed with their help, although I sold the Qubo soon after, I bought another Elite turbo - a direct drive on this time which is superb.

If there is a problem with finding the file. Let me know and I’ll find another way to send it to you.

Good luck!