Elite qubo digital smart b+ allmost no resistance


I am using Zwift for 2 years, without any issue, unfortunately the last 2 days my Elite qubo digital smart b+ does not ajust the resistance in Zwift anymore. The resistance stays at a maximum off approx 120 watts. How can I solve this?

What I have done so far:

  • tested my indoor trainer in the Elite myETraining software, it works fine
  • i have re-installed zwift

Thanks for the help!

Same for me and same elite qubo digital smart b+

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Hi @Jeroen_Wiegerinck and @Domenico_Passuello
Welcome to Zwift forums! Since you’re both Windows users with the same model of trainer, let’s see if there’s a common answer for both of you.

  1. We will want to see the game logs from your computer. We want all these text files in your This PC\Documents\Zwift\Logs folder.

    Instructions can be found on our support.zwift.com site.

  2. Please email all the log files to support@zwift.com. Ask for me (Shuji) please, and mention the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+.

Thank you both.

Sent an email but no answer. Seems that turbo lost connection with zwift when gradients start to change…and so the power imput

All: so this week the resistance has been “off” (too hard on flats, too easy on climbs) on my rollers (Qubo smart B+) I see that the issue is a “known issue” but the response from Zwift to “don’t have resistance and just use your trainer like a regular trainer” to be lacking to say the least. Hello Zwift: I’m still paying $14.95.

Concurrent to this issue developing, the resistance on my rollers (when not connected to Zwift) is too high (should be zero).

Anyone else having a similar issue with their Qubo setup or do I have a hardware failure?

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I’m having the same problem, anyone fixed it yet?

I got mine sorted, I deleted and reinstalled zwift on my laptop, 100% now

@francis_gilmore Glad to hear that uninstalling / reinstalling Zwift resolved it for you.
@Domenico_Passuello messaged me to report that Elite replaced his trainer under warranty, and now all is well for him.

For those in the future who searched their way into this thread: much as we’d like to nail down a single solution, there doesn’t seem to be one root cause of issues with the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ losing resistance in the game.

I’m having the same problems with a flat tire problem 2x!
It seems a bug on swift with no answer yet.

I’ll try to reinstall… Is it working for you also after doing this?