Tech issue - resistance

Tech assistance needed.

I am using an Elite NOVO smart turbo and it’s been fine since the start of lockdown 1.0 but I am now having issues with resistance.

The current setup is control, cadence, and speed on Bluetooth with Ant+ for the HR monitor.

I can’t get over 1.0 watt/kg even pedaling as hard as I can! It will only register around 50 - 60 watts.

This all happened just after a software update from zwift. I have tried on two laptops and no joy!

I don’t know if it’s a zwift issue or the turbo is faulty!

The only other clue is that I sometimes get a notice saying I am showing a high level of watts generated. This happens when I am not even sitting on the bike???

The turbo motor does buzz but this is normal.

Turbo is unusable!

Thanks in advance