Elite Zumo incorrect power

Hi, I have just replaced an elite novo smart after 2 1/2 years with an elite zumo. I’m having no end of issues getting it setup, the novo just worked as it should out of the box.
My issues are incorrect power reading compared to my 4iiii power meter, the zumo is around 30watts down at 200w. I’ve tried calibrating it using the elite app, it gives me a figure of around 16000, but still remains 30w down. I’m using Ant with Windows 10, the laptop picks up the trainer but for some reason the elite android app on my phone won’t pick up the elite power meter using ant, only Bluetooth. I don’t have Bluetooth on my laptop.
The other issue is ERG using zwift, the novo was rock solid at tracking the wattage, the zumo is all over the place, up and down, even with a smooth cadence. Both issues occur on Windows and android.
Can any one help?

I have exactly the same trainer and power meter my gap in watts seems to be about 20watts. And ye erg mode jumps round all over the place.

Did you ever find a solution?

Hi Ellis,
Yes, I got in touch with elite who asked me to perform a specified routine and then send them the file from the trainer and my power meter. They then sent me a replacement firmware file to upload to the trainer using upgrado. It now tracks my power meter. I can send you the file and instructions if you like.

Wow if you could Lee that would be great. I will give it a try
ejdunning89@gmail.com(if you need it)

Hi, I have just done same thing, any chance you still have file as they’ve not replied to me as yet?

HI Wayne

Send me your email address and I’ll forward it to you.



Hi bud , it’s bennybubs@googlemail.com . I take it this worked for you?

Hi, did it solve the problem? My readings are down on what i would have expected also. Read about people having issue where resistance is very high and struggling, i am not having that, just that my power output is lower than what it should be

hi, what bike are you using? zumo uses 9,10,11 speed but im using my 8 speed with a spacer and even with new replacement zumo its still same

i’m on an 11 speed road bike

you sorted now?

no, still way below what i would expect

what are you getting? im struggling to reach 100w

approx 160/170

cant get close to that!

Did you not install the updated firmware in the end Wayne?

elite saw an issue with my numbers i sent them and said it was a faulty sensor? might try it this time if still got email

Hi Lee,
Any chance you might still have that file perhaps or a link to it please. I have an Elite Zumo that is refusing to ‘behave’ in workout mode on Zwift.
Any help is gratefully received as the latest message from Zwift was to tell me to get a Zwift compatible trainer !
After two years of using it successfully on Zwift !!!

Hi Matthew, I can send you the file and instructions if you give me your email. The file only fixes power calibration issues, is this your problem?
Have you tried another device first i.e. zwift on your phone or laptop to eliminate the current device you’re using?

Lee, Many many thanks for coming back to me. Much appreciated.
I’m not sure if it is a calibration issue because the trainer calibrates from the app and also from my Garmin. Maybe it isn’t a calibration issue after all. However, there is no option to calibrate from Zwift. The spanner/wrench is absent on the pairing screen.
I will try a different device, laptop, phone etc. as you suggest.