Elite Suito power readings

Hi, I’ve just bought an Elite Suito trainer and am finding the power readings coming through to Zwift are around 20% too low, compared to my Stages power meter. When using the trainer on Elite’s own training app the same problem doesn’t occur, the trainer and power meter register very similar numbers. Any idea why this might be happening?

DC Rainmaker reviewed this trainer and got very accurate power readings, except for some sprints where it tracked a little lower. Check the firmware to make sure it is updated.

Thanks - I will check the firmware, it just seems strange that the problem occurs on Zwift but not when running the Elite training app; suggests to me that the issue lies in the interaction between the two, not just with the trainer?

Zwift only display what the trainer send. With the older Elite trainers they had calibration values that was stored in there software. I am sure that has changed. What numbers do you see if you connect it to a ANT+ cycling computer?

Also that may be the difference between real time and the 3sec averaging.

I’m using Favero Assioma and Suito and I have exactly the same issue. Below 150W the issues does appear, but everything over that the power reading on Zwift are 20-30W lower than those from Assioma. When using the powerlink the values of course are correct, but the delay is too big to use, roughly 5-10s. When using Elite etraining app I have now issue using the powerlink or not. It seems some wierd issue with Zwift/Suito.

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I have also just bought a suito and use it with my favero be-pro power meter pedals and have the same issue,
Zwift power reading is on average 40 watts lower than the power meter reading,
Has anyone found a solution to this problem

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I am having similar issue, the watt reading is way off. are you guys having the 1.5 m power cord batch? i think this batch got tome serious issue, i can’t even pair this crap with the e-training app.

I am sending mine back.

Best settings so far I found is to use Elite as trainer and connect Assiomas as power and cadence. Then change power display to instant (I think it also affects what power readings are sent back to Suito). With these settings power readings are “correct” and no major lag between power readings on Zwift and pedals. Only minor issue is that the ERG mode fluctuates more than when having only the Suito connected to Zwift. I still hope that Zwift/Elite will fix the issue.

Where I can check the firmware?

Main watts are 40-50 higher than Garmin ( Stages)?!

I have suito too. Also have made update and have same problems.
Today was possibile make a WO bevande was very strong !
I try many Times to calibrate It and only this evening i have hard a result. Hope next time suito go well but i m not happy.

the trainer market is such a mess. This suito costs over 600€ and it simply doesn’t work as it should, for one reason or another. Youtube is filling up with suito’s making noise videos. Then go to wahoo webshop and check reviews and issues with the Core, that costs 800€… Too big prices for the uber-poor execution and user experience, and QC flaws… I will stay with tacx vortex I gues.

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Elite Suito needs a firmware update that u can do with the upgrado app from elite (it s an app built for upgrade all elite trainers firmware but at the moment it only updates suito fw).

Suito , as u can red in DC review, has experienced some problems with the first units (noises and so on) but the last units produced are fine. If u read the last trainer comparison from DC published yesterday from DC, the suito is the best trainer for the value.

I am having the same issues. I have installed upgrado and I think the firmware is up to date. Elite haven’t got back to me in regards to the power values though. If anyone gets any info please post.

Watching this as the Suito is high on my list for next Trainer… and the Assiomas as well :).

I’m still having the same problems - power reads low by 10-15%, and whenever the unit has to produce resistance I get a grinding vibration up through the pedals. Puts me off using the trainer, which was not the plan! I also noticed when I do spin down calibration that the bike sways from side to side as the flywheel spins down, so I’m wondering if it’s not properly aligned? Contacting Elite today to try and get it replaced.

P.S. have also done the firmware update - no difference.

Hi guys.

Did you get this resolved?

I’ve had a direto for nearly 2 years that I’ve suspected to be reading 10W too high.

It’s taken a while to get to a point where I can prove my suspicions as I’ve had a number of issues with Vector 3 drop outs, and also a ponder that the 3S (which I had initially) was under reading because it was only on the left, my weaker side.

After a few successful readings from vector 3 to compare to the direto using DC Rainmakers analyze tool, I then had the belt break in the direto (I have used it a lot).

Replacement belt and I’ve then had to recalculate the offset, which makes some sense.

I managed to get one ride where the vectors and direto were close enough to be acceptable.

But then it’s gone to at least 10W out to as much as 15% out (290W v 250W).

I then borrowed a mates direto, which was bought from the same shop at the same time as mine, and that is just spot on with my vectors.

Elite have now taken the direto back for repair/replacement via the shop and distributor. Not sure quite yet what the resolution is, but Elite have been helpful throughout and are looking at it.

There is no update to the Direto software in the 2 years that the trainer has been on the market. They indicate that there will be an update before the end of the year now that the Upgrado app is available.

I know this isn’t the same Elite trainer that you have, but I reckon that one Elite smart trainer isn’t going to be massively different to another Elite smart trainer in terms of Elites approach to development and support.


I have the same issue with my Suito. Upgraded firmware and hardware revision 3. At 100w it tracks the same as my power meter (Vector 2s) but anything above that it started to get 10% or more off. Only had it a week so I may send it back, unless this can be fixed somehow.

get Direto X, it is must better than suito