Elite Suito + Zwift + fixed gear bike


First of all - hello all!
I have just bought an Elite Suito trainer and wanted to start my adventure with Zwift using my track bike, however I have encountered an issue.

Zwift connects quickly to the suito, but the power readings are silly (but I know that this had been discussed here multiple times and I will fiddle with that later on). The biggest problem is the resistance. I though that the whole idea of zwift controlling the resistance is to give a real feel of riding, but the resistance is fluctuating, as it seems, randomly, but mostly it’s hugely bigger on the trainer.
I know that I am no power monster, but I can move my bike around on the streets quite swiftly - on the trainer I have trouble moving forward. I have decreased the difficulty level, but still the issue is the same, nothing changes.

What am I doing wrong? Please help, as this is getting frustrating.

Thanks a lot!

Have you updated the firmware on the trainer using the Elite app and calibrated the trainer?

I have calibrated it, but didn’t update. Will try that tomorrow. Do you think this might be the case?

Not sure, Elite suito seems to have a lot of issues as reported on the forums by other users. Hopefully this takes care of it?

I will try. I am getting a bit frustrated. First had issues with putting the bike on the trainer (mostly because it was not thought to be used with fixed gears, I know, but it’s still frustrating), now this. I just want to ride! :wink: Thank you for replying!

EDIT: I have checked and the firmware is up to date…

Hi, I’m also having problems with setting up and working up the cassette. Did you had to change the cassette?

Hi! So if you’re trying to use a fixed gear, you need a single speed adapter and a cog with high tooth profile in the back. Besides that I suggest using chain tugs, as the force working on the skewer might be enough to move the bike within horizontal dropouts. A qr using hex key bolts instead of a normal one would also help,but with chain tugs is not necessary. Then make sure you have calibrated the trainer properly and all should work just fine, at least in my case it did. Hit me up if you have more questions.

Good luck!