Can't calibrate Elite Suito 2020

Hello everyone,
my issue in a few words …

the resistance while using zwift is extremely high (on flat routes) and this happened from one day to the next. On a flat route in the easiest gear, it feels like stepping up a mountain (very high resistance!). Changing into a higher gear makes it even more difficult. So I guess that I have to lower the base?

Updating the firmware on the trainer didn’t fix the problem either.

Any ideas what it could be and how I can fix this problem?

Thanks for any support …

Does it act in the same way if you use the Elite myETraining app to ride? You can ride in that without paying and manually try changing resistance.

Have you done a spindown calibration?

nope - looked it up how to do the calibration and the problem is that I have no wrench in the connecting board (see screenshot).

Best is to do the calibration using the ELITE app. No need to calibrate in Zwift. Calibration is stored on the trainer not Zwift.

Hi Steve,
I installed it. The free version is very limitated and I wont buy a license for 20 bucks. Anyway … the resistance is also very high and I think when I use the arrows up and down I should regulate the resistance!? Nothing happens here and it’s strong/hard as in the Zwift App.

You should raise a support ticket with Elite support. It sounds like something is wrong with the trainer, and they’re best-placed to help you fix it.

Stefve, I guess you are right - thx.
I opended a support ticket and will post the end of the story for everyone out there with similar problems.

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Hi @Martin-Stefan_Vienna

Your screenshot indicates you’re pairing via ANT+ FE-C instead of Bluetooth FTMS. This is also the reason why the wrench icon is not appearing for you - because spindown over ANT does not work for Elite Suito. See our Support Hub article and the chart near the bottom.

Please try pairing over Bluetooth instead, or calibrate using Elite’s app as others have suggested. Either method should work.

Hello Shuji,
you were right; pairing with BT activates the wrench and I can do the spin down. Thanks for the info!

BUT already in the 2nd stage with 32kp/h I am no longer able to kick/ride the resistance.

Am curious what the support says to my ticket … should unfortunately be due to the hardware ):-

Dear All,

I had as well issues with resistance and calibration. The resistance was so high that I could not reach the target calibration speed. I contact Elite support at

The replied almost immediately with some instructions to test the resistance with the app. The test failed so they asked me to make a video and responded almost immediately that a electronic board needs to be replaced. I send them the serial number and some other information and shipped the electronic board (everything free of charge). With the video it was easy to replace the board.

The trainer is now working flawless and it took only 3 days from the report of the error to the fix. This is a worldclass support. Thank you F. for this effort.

Kind regards


Hey All,
as Peter described, I have taken analogous steps with support and have been sent a new board. After the exchange, the trainer worked as desired with Zwift.

Support I can definitely recommend!

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