Elite Suito issue after calibration/update


I’ve owned my Elite Suito for 3 years and up until a recent calibration, it was working as it should.

I did a calibration in the myEtraining app and after that the resistance was incredibly harder than it was before (200w now feels like 300w). Then I tried updating the firmware in Upgrado but that did not help or correct it.

I’ve tried riding in myEtraining for 10 minutes, no change or correction.

Zwift is also just as difficult as the myEtraining app - the resistance/watts seem 30-40% harder than it should be.

ERG mode in Zwift will not track properly either. I had it set for 105w and was spinning around 80rpm - I was not trying to go hard but was doing 210-220 watts and if I lightened up to try and do 105w it would just lock up and not allow me to do 80rpm at 105w. Elite customer service has not helped so far. They told me I was going too fast?? How does that even make sense in ERG mode, it should self-correct. I was also in a gear that should have been fine so that wasn’t hindering its ability to track properly.

The trainer was completely fine before the calibration - so I feel like it is a software issue. Nothing I’ve done has been able to reset it back to the way it was. I’ve done 10-15 calibration attempts in the myEtraining app, I tried in Zwift as well. I deleted the apps, restarted them, made sure I was only using one device. Nothing has helped.

It’s like they’re pushing me to go grab a Zwift Hub… but I’m trying to get a proper solution because it seems like this is silly and should be fixable.

I would contact Elite support via their website It sounds like a hardware issue with your trainer, which Elite can help you with.

Yea, I do have a ticket open with Elite right now. Unfortunately they have not been a help so far and takes them a full day just to give me a very general response, the last email they were explaining ERG mode to me like I was doing something wrong… It’s winter here and now I’ve lost 3 days on the bike. Really bummed about it.

I can’t seem to find an exact solution in the forums so I thought I’d see if anyone else encountered this issue after a calibration or had a quick fix.

I hope that Elite get up to speed on your problem soon.

Check the Elite Suito forums too at Suito - Official Forum

Hi @Aaron_Smith3. It’s Juan here from Zwift. I appreciate you took ownership of this space to post your concern. It seems the issue is coming from the trainer itself. I deduced this because the behavior is the same in the other apps. Zwift numbers in-game are based on the data transmitted from your trainer

Despite this, I took a look at your account to figure out whether I was able to detect any findings on our end. Unlucky, everything looks good. No connection disruptions are coming from your trainer, the game version is updated, and the Bluetooth signal strength is strong. Your trainer firmware version is number 197. I’m not quite sure if this is the latest. Nonetheless, as you mentioned that you updated it, I assume that it is.

The piece of advised from @Steve_Hammatt is a well-thought step to try. It was my pleasure. If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know at zwift.com/contact-us.

@Juan_Lopez10 thanks for looking into this for me. I did just do another ride in Zwift/ERG mode and it seemed to be responding this time but the power still seems off in free ride. The higher watts I go the further off it feels - example, some of my workouts would have me do 415w at 45 seconds, multiple times. When I tried to even reach 400w now, I can’t even hold it for 5 seconds. Same for the elite myEtraining app. I will continue to reach out via Elite support to troubleshoot the issue because I believe it is a trainer issue, not zwift. Thanks again.