Elite Suito power reading jumping +40 or -40w in a split second

Hi fellow Zwifters, I’m not a pro nor I aim to be one, just a fat guy cycling indoors. This is not crucial for my rides, but It’s very annoying. My Elito suito was working just fine but then I decided to do firmware update. Ever since firmware update my power readings are jumping +/-40w If i’m supposed to go 160w it can show 200w or 120w or anything in between 70% of time it’s showing +/- where i’m supposed to be. Before update i was easily able to keep steady readings. I have done calibrating in Elite My eTraining app countless times (getting anything between 12700-12950). I’ve tried to disable Ant+ so it uses just Bluetooth and vice versa. Tried using on Laptop and Android device, Reinstalling Zwift, kept my trainer unplugged for couple days,… Literally all generic troubleshooting steps. Nothing have helped. I’ve contacted Elite support but all they tell me is to calibrate via their app. They have already told that 3 times even though I’ve told them that I’ve that done it over 20 times. Then they replied to do Calibration again and go in power mode in their app to export some csv file. Only problem to use their Power Mode I need to buy 1 year subscription - it’s not happening. Most confusing is that it doesn’t matter what reading method I chose in Zwift instant or 3 sec avg. At this point I even consider that issue might be with Zwift.
I would appreciate any suggestions. I spent good money for trainer and it’s extremely frustrating that it’s not working as it was before.

Hi there, any luck in finding a workaround / fix for this issue?

I recently acquired a Suito as well and am experiencing similar issues, i.e. big fluctuations in power.

I haven’t tested thoroughly but I’ve noticed that the fluctuations get bigger as the flywheel increases speed. This led me to try and run ERG mode workouts on high gears, so the flywheel doesn’t spin as fast as normal but you’re still outputting similar amounts of power because of higher resistance.
Makes sense? Perhaps this can help you or others as well.