Faulty power control?

Hi all,
I did a trainer calibration on my Elite Suito T and since then the power/resistance adjustment seems off. When Zwift asks for 100w during warm up and I pedal with a 80 cadence, it shows I am pushing 130w instead.
Never happened before.
Any ideas?

Did you do the calibration through Zwift or Elite’s MyEtraining app?

Always use the manufacturer’s app and not Zwift for calibration.

Hi, I did the calibration in the elite app.

Does the Suito have the factory calibration value written on a sticker underneath the trainer? The Direto has this, but I don’t know if the Suito does too.

If it does, then check how much that number differs from what the Elite software reported at the end of calibration.

There is a maintenance process that is sometimes necessary on Elite trainers, something you can do at home. I don’t know if this is your problem and you should talk to Elite support about whether it’s appropriate. It does affect ERG mode.