Elite Suito Calibration Issues -

Got my new Elite Suito ordered from Zwift. I got that one based on reviews and the fact that it was Zwift certified.

However, the first day had it. I made sure my unit was up to date in firmware and hardware using Elite’s Upgrado app. I am at Firmware 191 and Hardware 5.

When I tried to calibrate it using Elite’s myEtraining app, it tells you to spin up to a certain speed, but it started the calibration even before I got to the recommended speed. Oh well, I then went to Zwift to do a workout. I paired via bluetooth and then did the Zwift calibration which says speed up to 23 mph. I did. But then once in the workout (erg) mode, there was no real response from the trainer to maintain the segment wattage. So i started reading all the issues folks have had calibrating this trainer. I found once that said try speeding to 30 mph during the Zwift calibration.
That seems to have worked. But I can only do a calibration in zwift using bluetooth.
The wattage oscillates about 10-15 watts either side of intended wattage each segment, but when I go check after the workout is over, the average wattage for each segment is within a watt or two. So I’m told that is normal fluctuation during the workout.

Is the Suito trainer able to do erg mode in Zwift using Ant+ pairing?

Second, so many reports saying the wattage is low on this trainer, but maybe only above 200 watts. One reason I got this trainer is because I thought the wattage using my wheel on Kurt Kinetic Smart Control was off and it’s very quirky to calibrate. I’m finding that doing a similar workout on each, my HR is lower using the Suito by about 10 bpm. That could mean the wattage is low on the Suito or it’s high on the Kurt. How do I know? I don’t any means of checking this.

Last, how do you level your bike with this trainer? When I use the extension leg screws to raise the rear, but front leg comes off the ground. Is that ok?

Just want to know if it was worth getting this $800 trainer.

Make sure you are using the ANT+ FE-C option when pairing.


Ant+ wasn’t working for me in zwift, but now that I seem to have calibrated the Suito I will try it again.

RE: Calibration.

Elite MyETraining: Use this with NOTHING ELSE paired… or even open.

Zwift: There’s long standing bug in Zwift where the requested spindown speed on Elite trainers isn’t converted to kph/mph (or something?)… The workaround is to spin up to 54-55kph (~34mph) with the Zwift calibration screen and it’ll work.