Elite suito stuck on low resistance

I’ve had an elite suito for 6 months now, no problems so far, except until today it somehow got stuck in low resistance. I literally have to get in my hardest gear and pedal at 100rpm just to get up to 300w on the flats, which makes no sense. I have to spin like crazy, which was not the case before. Resistance is somehow way too low. I tried calibrating it many times, unpluging it, nothing works. I run the latest firmware v2 (at least this is what upgrado tells me). This is happening after i did a workout with ERG mode yesterday, not sure if this is worth anything, since i’ve been doing workouts in ERG modes before without problems. Only thing that works is the ERG mode actually, otherwise when i go freeride it somehow turns back to low resistance and im just spinning … actually i teated a workout today with ERG mode disabled, and the resistance seemed a lot more normal, however when back to freeride it just turns back too low and here goes the spinning. Anybody else experiencing this? Can this be caused by the new upgrade in zwift recently?

Same issue with an Elite Zumo. Supposedly an issue with the Companion app update on Friday.

There is a Zwift Companion app update out today which might fix the issue - however I haven’t had a chance to test it yet.

I just tried it again and same problem, not solved yet. I guess i’ll stick with ERG mode training for now

Seems like its fixed now ! Thanks