Elite suito Zwift issues in ERG mode

Purchased a new elite suito yesterday. Sim mode is ok but noticeably harder than my Tacx flow smart. But in Erg mode when I start pedalling, resistance is extremely hard at first then if I am supposed to be riding at 110 watts, the power will very all over the place from 80 watts to 150 watts. That’s extremely annoying. Connected to smartphone / laptop via Bluetooth.
Found another thread with similar issue but without solution.
Can I return Elite trainers or they only give replacement?

Using Elite Suito for more than a year now - and a LOT of time in ERG mode. I have had one issue where I found that it was almost ike the spiral of death at the start of the workout. Presumed later that the issue was with the (imported from TP) workout, since it worked flawlessly before and after that.

What I did spot though, is jumping in cadence, esp at low intensities. In those cases I put the bike in higher gearing, since I was spinning inconsistently having just worked hard. Maybe it’s something related to that.
But a jump from 80-150 is quite wide. Mine I would only see on screen and was at the same cadence again before the trainer could adjust.
So - maybe try a slightly higher gear and see how that goes?

Nope. Mine isn’t getting solved. Tried with RGT and Rouvy as well. Erg mode inconsistency persists. Returning it today.

@Ketan_Gadre9438 Did you get a new Elite Suito ? If yes did the ERG mode worked with the new one ?

Nope. Returned it. Purchased Tacx Flux S