Elite Suito ERG issues

Zwift ERG mode is unusable on my new Elite Suito.
It is impossible to maintain the target power, watts are all over the place. Power fluctuations are extreme, ±100W.

Also, when I start a workout, the trainer resistance is EXTREMELY HARD, I feel I have to push 300-400W to overcome it even though the target power is low (around 150w).

In sim mode it works well but watts are noticeably harder than the Tacx Flow Smart. I think the suito reports 20-30W lower.

The trainer is up to date and I did the 10 minute warmup and spindown calibration on the Elite My E training app.

The trainer is connected to my W10 PC via ANT+.
Power source: ELITE FE-C
Cadence: Garmin sensor on the crank
Controllable: ELITE FE-C

Is my trainer faulty? My old Tacx Flow Smart was flawless in erg mode… thinking of returning the suito.
Has anyone had these issues?

Seems to be the same for me during an FTP warming up. Usually I can hold the 340Watt for quite some time but this just brought me nearly to a standstill, even keeping the 200Watts was so much harder than usual.

Info: connected via bluetooth

I’ve had similar problems with power fluctuations in workouts:

OS: Android
Controllable: Suito via Bluetooth
Power Source: “Suito” via Bluetooth, not the ANT+/BLE power meter it shows up as
Cadence: Stages PM via ANT+

Example 1:
The workout had a 30s @ 465W sprint then 30s@82W
The 465W wasn’t a problem, the trainer ramped up a bit slowly but I could pedal faster/change gear to get there.
At the end of the interval the power dropped off rapidly like I’d broken my chain and because the flywheel was spinning so fast I couldn’t put out any power. When the trainer had slowed enough to pedal the watts in Zwift were way below 82W, it was screaming at me for more power but the trainer wouldn’t put the resistance back on and by then I’d missed the star and it was onto the next interval.

Example 2:
The workout was 6m @ 246W then 3m @ 150W. At the end of the 246W the resistance dropped off rapidly again and undershot the 150W and in once case went as low at 100W. It got back up to 150W after approx. 20s but then it reduced the resistance again to around 125W before coming back up to 150W. Even though it got to 150W after about a minute, I still missed out on the star.

I’ve tried both keeping the cadence and gear steady, and adjusting gear/cadence to try and get it right but with no luck.

I’ve also had the resistance spiral of doom as another person called it, but the last few times Zwift has been pretty good at spotting it and temporarily disabling ERG until you can get back up to speed again.

Sim mode isn’t bad, although I’ve had to turn the difficulty down low so when I crest a hill it’s not like I’m going over a jump.

I’m not sure if the problem is with Zwift or with the trainer. I guess I need to program the workout into the my e-Training app and see if the same thing happens.

Or maybe I’m just expecting too much from a smart trainer?

I’m having similar issues with my Elite Suito trainer.
Impossible to calibrate. I kept spinning for 15 min and it wouldn’t calibrate.
When I decide to train on my own, at one point the resistance became impossible.

FYI I don’t use a smartphone.

me too unable to calibrate, either with the phone app or my the pc/MAC. It asks to keep spinning around 30km/h, I do my best to stay close to the value but keeps failing. I have used the Suito and I have the feeling to that it is much harder than reality (seems to steal 20/30 watts at least??).

I was hoping that a calibration would solve the issue but I am not able to succeed. Anyone has made it through the calibration?


Hello I just unboxed my suito from Zwift last night. I too have the same issues. My simple foundation workout in erg mode the power had fluctuations between 20-100watts consistently. I also noticed the cadence didn’t seem correct for what I was holding. I could not calibrate in Zwift but I was able to with the elite app. I tried the workout again after and no changes. Quite frustrating

When Zwift says to keep spinning at 37kph, spin up to 54-55kph and see if the spindown completes. This works for me. I have a bug/support post open on this (no response from Zwift on that).


Thanks Shane I’ll give that a try. I used your channel to make this purchase. Thanks for all the work you do!

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Thank you so much for the tip! It did the job.

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Got my brand new Elite Suito today. First work out and same experience: the wattage is fluctuating a lot. From add power to too much power regularly. I wonder why Elite is not at least averaging the value for the last 2 or 3 seconds. It looks like it would do the job.
Did someone find a solution ot the problem? I checked the version, it is up to date.
I wonder if calibration can help. I didn’t do it yet. But I don’t feel that calibation will solve a problematic measuremnt.

I have the same problem but with the Elite Tuo. I will try calibration in Zwift tomorrow with the tip Shane gave. I hope that after calibration erg mode will work and that my power values will be a little higher. With the Tuo my fttp is 35 watts lower then with my previous trainer.
One remmark though… When i connect my trainer via Ant+ there is no wrench button in zwift so i can not perform a calibration. When i connnect via bluetooth the wrench button is there. No idea why it isn’t when connecting via Ant+

Well, calibrating worked with the tip Shane gave. Just accelerate upto approx 55 km/h. I can still only calibrate when connected via bluetooth but ok.
But calibrating did not solve the problem i have with erg-mode. It’s impossible to maintain the target power. No idea why. When looking at the power graph after a session you just do not see the blocks you normally see when using erg-mode. No idea what else i can do in order to get it to work properly.

Has anyone found a solution for the ERG problem yet?

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I’m having the same issue. Brand new Suito ordered from Zwift. It doesn’t seem to even try to adjust the wattage properly in erg mode doing a Zwift workout.

I am using bluetooth pairing. I tried ant+ but it didn’t seem to matter.


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I have had the same problem with my Suito and Zwift for three weeks. I have read that BT can hijack communication between the turbo and Zwift. I’ve just noticed that BT was running on my Zwift laptop. I turned BT off on the laptop’s desktop and it is now not “pinging” on the top left of the pairing screen, Ant+ is on. I also turned BT off on all of my other devices, phones etc. All Zwift suito pairings are with fe-c option. Now when I start a training session / workout, I do have the erg on/off button in the bar at the bottom of the screen. I expected to see a spin down spanner on the pairing screen but that has not appeared. I hope it still works tomorrow.