Elite Suito-T - Massively fluctuating power and cadence readings!

Hey guys, new to Zwift here been trying to use the Workouts feature multiple times with not much luck.
I’m using an Elite Suito-T, on the latest version of Zwift, tried using both PC and Phone.

The issue: The trainer is unable to “lock-in” my power during workouts at all with ERG mode on. The resistance does not adjust to my effort and I end up over/undershooting my power goals.
The power and cadence readings fluctuate wildly, I’m talking +/- 50W and 30-40rpm.

What I tried:
Spin-down Calibration both in the Zwift and Elite app
Bluetooth and ANT+ on PC. Worst results, resistance didn’t even adjust with this. It was the same when using the Phone Bridge.
Bluetooth on Smartphone. Resistance adjusts and power fluctuates +/- 30W. The phone attached to my handlebar, wasn’t much of a change when I moved it to right besides the Trainer.

As it is, Zwift Workouts is unusable. Even if I can see that my cadence is not changing and the resistance I’m pushing through is the same… The Power/Cadence fluctuates wildly.
In the end, to finish my workouts I just set the phone in my pocket and pedal at what feels like ~90RPM which just isn’t a very good or trackable workout.

Sorry in advance if this isn’t the issue, but are you keeping a steady cadence? If you “chase” the power target by following the on-screen prompts to increase/decrease power then you can end up in the situation you describe, because the trainer can take some time (several seconds) to adjust. Those on-screen prompts shouldn’t be there for a smart trainer and really confuse things.

Nah, like I said I’ve had workouts where I just maintain the same cadence (~90rpm) throughout and the trainer never adjusts regardless of how much time I hold it.

Power can jump from 120 to 70 to 100w all in the same 5 seconds, pedaling at the same speed, through what feels like the same resistance/effort.

You have the trainer paired for Resistance on the pairing screen, and the Elite app has been terminated when you are using Zwift, right? Only one app can control the trainer so you can’t have it running in the background - it must be dead or disconnected from the trainer.

What’s the trainer behavior on free rides? Are you getting appropriate resistance changes with the terrain?

Do an ERG mode ride in the Elite app. If the behavior is the same, contact Elite.

There’s no need to use ERG mode in a workout like that. Just turn it off and your workouts will fine….

"ERG mode sets your resistance to a specific wattage target based on your cadence instead of basing it on the course gradient (SIM mode for free rides). "

ERG Mode is meant to hold me at a specific wattage, yet it seems unable to n matter what I do. The point of workouts is to gauge my ability to produce that power, at the RPM, and hold it. That’s why you’re awarded stars for how well you’ve managed it

Yes I turn off every other app when using Zwift.
When the Suito connects as a “Power Source” it’s also automatically selected by Zwift as a Resistance and Cadence sensor.

Free rides seem to work just fine actually, like I said the Power/Cadence is all over the place there too but the resistance when going up “hills” and down feels appropriate and it is changing.

The workouts on the Elite app aren’t a free feature, unfortunately. I can’t even try or test out my trainer without paying but honestly it might be worth it just to know for sure…

You could also test it using some other workout app that offers a free trial or money-back guarantee, but the benefit of testing with the Elite app is it makes a support engagement easier with the manufacturer. You could also just go ahead with that support request to Elite and see what they say.

You can test changing resistance in the Elite MyEtraining app for free - select Level Mode and try changing resistance. How well does it do this, does it change smoothly?

You still don’t need it. When in workout mode, the gradient is set to zero so there is no resistance to feel or change. Any road you ride in zwift will be at a zero gradient, that means all roads are flat. I am currently doing the active offseason plan and I have the Elite Direto XR-T and I never use ERG mode. If you had a coach he would direct you to not use it as well…

Wow. Well that’s one approach.

It’s a silly comment in this context because ERG mode should work even if you choose to ride without it. If the trainer is within warranty and has a fault that prevents ERG mode from working, that should be addressed by the manufacturer. The user should have the choice to use ERG mode or not as they wish. If it’s not under warranty then disabling ERG mode might be a good option to avoid costly repairs.

Also @A_AM how old is your trainer? Elite trainers sometimes require cleaning and lubrication of the motor screw for ERG mode to work properly. This can be done at home with the advice of Elite support.

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why would you not pair it and just turn erg mode off? you can then set the resistance level you want. there is no benefit in not pairing it.

The trainer is paired. It will give you a resistance on power required and not by the terrain. So you have to pay attention to your workout.

Hi - I’m having the same problem with the same Elite trainer. I’m also finding that the resistance goes crazy high during rest intervals. Any luck figuring it out? Thanks!