Help! Just not getting Power and Resistance in Workout Plans

I am using a Suito Elite trainer this Winter and for regular rides, I love it. However, I’d like to up my climbing legs and overall power for next outdoor season. Yet several times I’ve dialed up a workout plan, I start it, but it is so HARD I quit.

I’ll be spinning along, Zwift is telling me to up my power and/or cadence. Then suddenly my trainer makes it so hard to pedal I can’t even turn the crank (I know it’s called ERG mode). Then I’m pedaling along and it’s at say 187 watts and 80 cadence and the program is telling me to get up to 340 watts. But I’m already in my upper gear range, how the ■■■■ am I going to maintain cadence yet also get that much more power? I feel like I’m not understanding some fundamental aspect of this, can someone please enlighten me, or am I just a wimp?

Hi Brian, welcome to the forums.

With ERG mode the trainer will adjust the resistance automatically to reach the target watts, you don’t need to change gears. Find a comfortable cadence and keep pedaling. Make sure you are pairing your Suito as controllable in Zwift too.

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Sounds like you might have your FTP set too high in Zwift, which is what it uses to calculate power targets for workouts.

Did you do an FTP test or a ramp test?

Yes I did, was told my FTP is 200. Some friends suggested I just turn ERG off that’s what they do as it’s rather finicky.