Elito Suito - no resistance uphill

Hi to all,

I’ve been using Zwift with my Elite Suito but there has been no resistance variation whatever the uphill percentage is on Zwift. Only the speed on the Zwift screen is decreasing…

In “zwift trainings” the Suito works well (ERG mode is on). Does the Suito switch the ERG mode automatically to off when I take part of of race?

How can I correctly set up the resistance of my elite Suito trainer?

May thanks and a nice evening

ERG mode is only active during a scheduled training ride. ERG mode is not active during a race not a free ride. When using your trainer is connected to ZWIFT and you are riding (not watching) there is a bar slider called trainer difficulty under the settings tab in menu. It’s really a misnomer but it does affect what you feel regarding hills and drafts etc. If you set it to 0% you will not feel any change in the resistance when you get on an incline. If you set it to 100% you will feel the full incline. It’s a misnomer because even set at 0% you will still need to put out the same amount of watts as 100% but it will feel different AND your gearing will be different. So, I use the trainer difficulty to dial in my gearing so that I can stay in the big front ring the entire race and only change the back. For me this is about 35% on all races except for extended climbs and then I need to go into the small ring on the front. The less trainer difficulty the more you will use the taller gears in the rear and the greater the trainer difficulty the more you will use the smaller cogs in the rear.