Zwift doesn't adjust resistance to gradient on Elite Suito

Since last week, Zwift doesn’t adjust my trainer resistance to gradient changes anymore. ERG Mode seems to be working fine, but when going for a free ride, it somehow doesn’t change resistance, but only making it much heavier when starting to pedal. Can’t get above 60 rpm in my lowest gear, even on the flat, because resistance is pretty high and doesn’t change when going dowhill for example. It has been working perfectly for 3 months now, but having these problems since last week. Didn’t change anything in the settings (trainer difficulty still on 100%, like before) and trainer is still found and selected as controllable, but somehow it doesn’t quite control my resistance when on a free ride.
Hope you can help me solve this problem, because it makes Zwifting a lot less enjoyable :wink:

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Niels_Plaisier3368 can you give us a rundown of your setup please? What do you use to run the game, how are you pairing the trainer?

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Hi @Mike_Rowe_PBR,
Using an Elite Suito connected to my Windows PC using Bluetooth.
As mentioned before, did not have any trouble in the last 3 months, but now since a week I’ve got this problem. Hope I provided enough information about my setup now.

do you have the option of using ANT+ instead of Bluetooth? I’ve been seeing a lot of complaints with Windows 10 and bluetooth not working since the latest windows update. I always had issues with bluetooth dropping out during rides so I switched to ANT+ and don’t have issues anymore.

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Should be possible, although I don’t have an ANT+ dongle yet. But still, wouldn’t it be strange then that ERG mode is still working using Bluetooth and with free rides it doesn’t?

Hi Niels,

Same problem here, although I didn’t test ERG mode.
Issue started today during Tour de Watopia.
Resistance wasn’t changing anymore, while it worked yesterday (ERG) and the dat before (SIM).

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@Johan_Couzy same to me, problem started with Tour of Watopia as well

This has happened to me too. I have an elite novo and all of a sudden yesterday morning I have no resistance. My watts are going through the roof. If you find it how to fix please let me know

@Niels_Plaisier3368 @Rhys_Crowie logged a support call with Zwift yesterday, but up till now no answer.

I have logged one too but haven’t had anything back yet. Don’t understand how it can be working perfectly, I change nothing and then it goes all wrong! Is it just a coincidence that zwift did that update on Friday?? I did the 45k tour ride Friday night and it was working as it has been. So so frustrating!

Same here, I changed the wheel and thought I’d possibly done something wrong, but after hours of trying to sort it realised it’s probably down to the update last week. Hope it’s sorted soon as it’s just like spinning… although on a plus side I’m faster than Wiggins :roll_eyes:

I contacted elite as my turbo is an elite novo smart. They had my mum taking the motor apart to then find out the motor had all of a sudden broke. We took it back to Halfords and had to buy an elite Qubo ( there no turbos left haha) this works fine. Hope you get yours fixed

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Same problem here. Just got new Elite Suito and it works fine with all other apps but not in Zwift. Resistance to gradient doesnt work nor with ant+ or bluetooth.

Suppose that could also be my problem, trainer is now in its 3rd winter, but such a coincidence it happens following an update :thinking:

Sad it’s happening to you also, but that should really point to a Zwift software issue, rather than a mechanical issue. Just a pain having to wait for it to be sorted, either way.

Hi same issue for me today on may suito. Before it works normally and now resistance grade doesn’t work both ANT+ or bluetooth

Hi guys
I’ve same issue since yesterday. I’ve you try My Training ? Because me on My Training, my speed is 2km/h, this is not normally

Yep, after contacting Elite and going through a few things it’s the motor that isn’t turning, so they’ve said they are going to post me out a new circuit board, how nice is that, well pleased if it fixes the problem. Just having to wait a while for it due to this virus, but the weather means outdoor cycling. Stay safe and well.

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