Elite Suito Resistance problems

I have an Elite Suito since december, witch I’ve been using with zwift without any problem, until yesterday. I was zwifting, without any problems and I turned on my Element bolt to see how was the battery, without intention to connect it with the elite. After they connected I’ve been getting a ressistence problem that when I start pedaling connected to zwift the resistence turns on as I was climbing. I have reinstalled zwift and nothing changed.

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Shuji at ZwiftHQ here. Question for you: When you powered on the Element Bolt - did the trainer disconnect from Zwift? It should not have. I think maybe the change in resistance is from another cause. Here are three things in your case that might be happening:

  1. The default mode for Zwift is called SIM mode, for simulation. For a controllable trainer such as the Elite Suito, the game will change the resistance of the trainer on uphills and downhills to simulate the real world.

  2. Furthermore - in your profile, you can customize your trainer difficulty setting from 0 - 100 %. Setting this to 50% means that a climb of 10% gradient will feel like one that’s 5%. There is an effect on the descent as well. Your downhill coasting speed will also feel like a 5% hill. You’ll have to spin faster if you want to keep up with someone else whose trainer difficulty is set to 100%.

Looking at our server logs, your trainer difficulty on March 23 was set to 0%. On March 24, it changed to 14%. That’s enough of a difference that you will feel the hills in SIM mode especially at your FTP setting. Please try adjusting this and see what you prefer. The default setting for Trainer Difficulty is 50% by the way.

Lastly - if setting Trainer Difficulty to 50% makes it much too difficult, please consider lowering your Function Threshold Power (FTP) number. This is the amount of power you can sustain for a given time, and is the basis for everything in Zwift. Set it too high, and everything is difficult. Set it too low, and everything feels too easy. Do that in your profile as well.

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No, it didn’t disconnect.

I’m using 0 trainer difficulty for while with no problems. I changed it to see if would make a difference but nothing changed. I just did a short ride with the difficulty on max. both up and down a hill and there was no diference. The resistence was the same going up and down hill. It feels like theres is another program controlling the trainer, but the bolt was turned off.

Since the original post I connected the trainer through the companion app but nothing changed either.


Were in you in a Workout? If that’s the case, you were probably in ERG mode. This mode keeps your wattage target steady, and resistance does not change with uphills / downhills. All you need to do is stay seated and keep your pedal RPM’s high to meet the wattage target.

The point of ERG mode in workouts is to keep you in a steady-state effort (80% of your max for 2 minutes, then 60% for 4 minutes of recovery, then back to 80% for the next hard block, etc) and lets you ignore terrain.

If you were not in ERG mode - the next thing I’d check is outdated firmware on the trainer. Elite has a mobile app called the Upgrado that handles firmware updates.


It says I have the lattest firmware.

When I got the trainer I had the option to do a spindown, I don’t get it anymore.