Smart Trainer resistance is backwards?

Hello there good people of Zwift. I am a new rider, having only been on Zwift for a couple of weeks, but I am loving nearly everything about it. I say nearly because when I rode two days ago, my Elite Suito trainer seemed to be acting weird. At first I thought its resistance was just a few seconds behind when I was riding a route with some quick ups and downs. But after stopping to check my trainer, the game crashed. I came back and it crashed a second time, with the same problem. Third time I try a route I’ve done before, and I find that all of the resistance is not just behind, it is backwards. Specifically, I ride uphill and it becomes somewhat easier. I ride downhill it becomes much harder. I hadn’t changed any settings from my previous riding session…

Anyone ever encounter this before? It is a brand new Suito and like I said, it was working great before this. Also, MacOS, just downloaded the app 2 weeks ago.

Thank you in advance,

Additional information: Using ANT+ and Companion App.

This thread may be helpful given its the same manufacturer.

FYI, I have seen a few posts where this has occurred and its happened to me (very rarely). I have a Kickr. I just re-pair my trainer as the problem only happens for me free-riding on in a workout. This hasnt worked once however!

I don’t know what happened, but it was a pairing issue where the “Elite FE-C” was not connected to the Controllable part of the trainer, it was connected to the Cadence part, and the Controllable was “Elite Suito.” That seemed to be more than necessary to screw things up. I changed those where they belong for my next ride, and things were fine, working as advertised. So now I think I know how to fix that if it ever happens again.

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