Elite Suito Resistance Issue


I have just recently purchased Elite Suito and the resistance feels very different from what it was with my Snap. When I approach the top of a hill just a few meters before the descent the resistance goes down as I was already going downhill however the mini map in Zwift still shows I’m going uphill. It is the same when descending and especially annoying when doing rolling hills: the mini map shows say -5% but the trainer already adjusted the resistance for going uphill. It seems like my trainer “knows” what’s coming next even before Zwift does :slight_smile: The changes in resistance were pretty spot on and in line with what the Zwift mini map was showing when I was using Wahoo Snap so it does feel odd now when I can feel the change in the resistance on my trainer before the mini map shows the change in the gradient. Thank you in advance for your help.

Well, unfortunately I don’t have a solution but I can confirm the same behaviour with my Suito.
I did never ride another trainer so I cannot really compare but as you said, the Suito “knows” that an incline is about to come and increases resistance even if is not visible on the Zwift interface yet.