Trainer resistance - overly 'instantaneous' on uphill's following descents?

I’d like to air an issue that I perceive with the way that Zwift deals with matching trainer resistance to gradient.

My trainer is an Elite Suito, if it matters, generally I ride at 100% ‘difficulty’.

Basically, it feels as though, when changing resistance on an uphill gradient, whatever algorithm Zwift use to generate that resistance instruction doesn’t integrate the mix of speed and cadence quite right.

The issue is particularly noticeable when travelling at speed - basically when you hit a hill from a descent that, on a real bike you would expect to more-or-less coast up without changing gear by keeping your cadence up, the trainer just slams up the resistance, almost as though you were starting on the hill from a standing start. This is particularly apparent if you enter at low cadence but high speed - in the real world you would expect to be able to use the speed of the bike to pick your cadence up, but Zwift seems to say ‘Nope, you’re at low cadence so I’m going to make pedalling really hard’. Basically, while on a real bike you could expect to be able to use the RPM of the wheel to match a cadence, in Zwift the resistance sort of feels like it would were you going from a stationary start, even though you’re moving at speed - if that makes sense.

The uphill’s when descending from the radio-tower to the bay are good examples, as are some sections of Titans Grove.

The end result for me is that I have to shift, particularly on the front, a lot more to allow me to maintain my cadence or to prevent me from losing significant speed then I would expect to in the real world and I can’t really gracefully downshift as speed washes of, it’s kind of an ‘all or nothing’ affair instead.

It doesn’t happen consistently - for example longer climbs that you enter at less speed and consistent cadence, like exits from tunnels and the climb up from S&S are all good but for climbs after downhill sections it’s very noticeable.

Has anybody else experienced this, or does anybody have an answer other than just anticipating every minor rise and down-shifting in preparation for Zwift slamming on the resistance?

Have a read of this. It seems the Suito is very fussy about calibration which may be the answer to some of your issue.

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I find this particularly realistic on my set up (wahoo kickr on Apple TV). Being a larger rider, I do use my momentum a lot in the real world by accelerating on the downs and coasting on the ups. I find that i can do the same on Zwift.