Resistance needs to consider speed

Running an Elite Direto, everything is great, but there’s a relatively minor issue that spoils some of the climbs.

When descending, when you hit another climb at speed (say 30mph), the trainer will instantly go to whatever resistance Zwift tells it.  This is fine if you’re riding at 5mph from the base of that hill, but in real life, if you’re doing 30mph and you hit a steep hill, there will be a period of maybe 10 seconds tops where you’re going too fast to feel that resistance.  I should be able to descend a hill, reach a small climb, and breeze my way through a portion of that climb with little pedal effort.  But I find that when in 20th gear (for example), instead of the crank just spinning, it’s as though I’m suddenly doing 5mph again - and not the speed on the screen, which is 30mph.

I’m sure this wouldn’t be a complicated feature to implement, and I think it’d make the experience a little more realistic.

Probably more to do with the firmware and flywheel weight of your trainer than an issue with Zwift. I have a Hammer with a big heavy flywheel. This better mimics the real world as can carry your momentum better into hills. The firmware also recently had an update to make the resistance change smoother when the gradient changes.

Maybe post something on Elite’s Facebook page?

The trainer isn’t the issue. It’s that zwift doesn’t understand that when doing 30mph or so, immediately setting the resistance at 8% makes it seem as though you’re doing 2mph, not 30mph.