Real Axiom Wired

Any one else having trouvble with the setup on this as soon as I hit a hill it drops the speed down to 3mph

I just did a test on 34/23 at 89rpm which was giving me 14mph as soon as the hit the gradient of 4% it dropped the speed to 3-4mph even tough the gear and the rpm remained constant.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Craig,

What drives you in Zwift is the power(watts), not RPMs of your rear wheel or cranks. So like in a real life if you push 200 watts on flat, you might be going let’s say 15 mph and when you hit a hill it will naturally slow you down (considering you still are pushing 200 watts). The test you have done would work with high quality trainer with a build-in brake and correctly set resistance level in Zwift settings. 

Thank you very much for your question and RIDE ON!

High qualirty trainer do you not consider a £800 trainer decent?


i know how watts work and the fact it goes down to 4mph when the tension increases obviousley i have had to up my wattage to keep the speed and the cadence constant so your answer is unfounded and no where near answering the question  i have sent reports in to you guys but so far you have just ignored them

Hi Craig, 

I’m sorry I didn’t realise the wired version has got the brake too. In that case it should work just fine. When you hit the hill the speed will decrease (that’s natural). However if you fell like you are going too slow you can increase the trainer resistance in settings and therefore to maintain same cadence you will have to push more and you will move faster. Does that make sense? 

Also bare in mind your trainer can simulate up to 8% or 10% gradient so the speed will never be 100% realistic.