3kph uphill

HI all, Really need some help please. I am using a Roller Zwift set up and i fully understand that there is a 400w limit for unsupported trainers however on climbs i am not able to get more than 3kph. I am using a Giant Ride Sense Sensor  and i am able to get in game fine with no problems syncing. Any suggestions at all? 

Many thanks


Additional info is needed.

What is your W/KG when climbing?

What is the gradient of the hill at that time?

Any additional info could be helpful.

Hi Paul

W/KG is showing between around 1.0 and 0.4
The hill is at a gradient of 5% but it just does not seem right on any gradient.
Was just guessing that due to using a dumb trainer it would generally be same speed no matter the gradient?
That giant sensor is a dual Ant+ and Bluetooth. Do you think it could be interference with Bluetooth on phone and Apple Watch?

Thanks again


Your in-game speed will very rarely match the speed of your rear wheel. 

Zwift takes your rear wheel speed and the power curve of the trainer/rollers chosen and converts that to a power curve. With that plus the weight you entered within Zwift, in-game bike, drafting and elevation changes will give you your in-game speed.

With a 5% grade and a w/kg of 0.4 -1.0 I would say the speed is close to being correct, but without knowing what speed you were going at coming into the hill it’s hard to give an exact answer. 

You see I am getting about 20kph on a 0% gradient and then even getting 35kph + on a -3% gradient still at the same W/KG.
I have had suggestions of potentially changing to a different recognised dumb trainer or even reduce my weight? ( I won’t be racing or anything like that)

Dropping your in-game weight will make you go faster going up, but slower going down and will make no change on the flats. Change the trainer selected might make a small difference either good or bad.

If you are not racing I see no reason why you should change your in-game weight to make it more enjoyable.

I think that is fair. I will try changing the trainer and see if that helps at all. Thank you very much for your help.