Fluctuations in speed

My speed keeps dropping to 4 or 5 kph despite how hard I’m working, I’m getting very frustrated.

Are you going up a virtual hill at that time and what is your W/KG at the time. More info is needed.

What devises are you using?
Zwift determines your in game speed based on watts, weigh, virtual elevation changes, drafting and ingame bike used.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’m doing between 125 and 140 watts, my weight is set up at 100kg. I’m not drafting on anyone. As far as virtual elevation, I have a range to f up to 8 on my turbo trainer and normally work on 3 or 4. I’m not aware of the in game bike, 

If you are going up a virtual hill within Zwift your speed will decreas and if you are going down a hill within Zwift your ingame speed will increase, don’t compare speeds within Zwift to any other apps or devises they don’t know about the virtual elevation changes

Ok, thanks, I’m concerned thought my speed is dropping tight down to as low as 4 kph and whatever I do I can’t speed up

Sounds normal if you are putting out those watts and you weight is entered correctly and we’re going up a hill within Zwift.