Taxc vortex set up

Hi new to zwift and smart trainers

When riding on zwift I find on hilly routes that

on a grade of 7% my speed is about 4mph and on 6%

Its about 5mph and so on.find that no matter how hard 

I try can’t increase my speed . anyone help or has anyone

had this problem. 

Your speed should decrease as you go up a virtual hill and increase when going down a virtual hill within Zwift. Zwift takes your watts, weight, in-game drafting, elevation changes and uses that to determine your in-game speed.

Without knowing additional data (weight and watts) it is hard to say if the speed is correct or not.

Cheers paul, im 53 and not great on hills would only expect to be 

climbing 7% at around 8mph.My just need to keep