Speed, again


New to zwift and after scrolling a bit in the forum I understand that zwift calculates speed a bit differently. I just still don’t get it. Regarding to Zwift I sometimes only went 4 or 5 kph whilst knowing that it would have been lots more or on the road the way I rode. In the end, it was 22.8 kph in average regarding to Garmin, making sense when looking at distance and time. But it is frustrating not seeing the actual speed.

How do I interpret speed on my zwift?


What is your setup? In particular, what trainer do you have?

Does your trainer enable you to feel whether you are going uphill or not?

In Zwift your speed drops dramatically on a hill if you don’t increase your power. If you can’t feel the hill it is easy to maintain constant power and lose a lot of speed quickly. Your last ride was on a course where there are quite a few ups and downs.

Your average speeds over your three rides are not far from what might be expected from an IRL bike speed calculator.

Do you normally ride a lot quicker than 23kph in real life? If so check you have your Zwift in game weight set correctly.

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Steve, I have a Zwift hub, classic, and controllers. Regarding the set-up, are you thinking about something in particular?

Ian, I can feel the hills, and I then gear/power down as I would on the road when doing up and the opposite when doing down. The average in the end is realistic, it is between 21 and 26 depending on route, length of the ride, ascents and if I go alone or with a group.

One reflection - as I am just learning how it all works, in this ride I used both the bicycle’s gears and the ones on the controllers. Can that have confused the program?

Glad average speed is about right.

I don’t have the Zwift Play controllers. It could have a small bearing but I don’t know, and think it shouldn’t, I could read up on it.

However best if those with Zwift Play controllers / virtual shifting explain how changing gears on both might affect power/speed in Zwift.

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