What’s normal? Zwift power, speed etc

Trying to figure out if my new trainer is working ok / set up ok and it’s the first time I’ve used Zwift.

Pedalling on flat, average peddling - 80-120 watts, 20Mph (ish).

Uphill, about 17mph, about 150 watts.

Sprint - 220watts - didn’t look at the speed but it was in the 20’s :rofl:

The reason I ask if it’s correct is I’m usually in in 10th > 19th gear (of 27) when on the road, get it into 24 - 27 when I’m properly going for it.

I was in 24 - 27 most of my first session, pinging down the gears when going uphill.

On the road (last night as an example), I’d be in 5th/6th for most of the incline.

Just wondered if those power and revs sound normal(ish)?


It is hard to guess, can you give a bit more info. What trainer, bike and zwift running on ?

I looked at your ride and nothing stand out as abnormal.

I’m on an Elite Zumo - haven’t ran a calibration test yet (that’s my next job).

The bike itself is a hard tail mountain bike - about 10yrs old Specialized and in major need of service - gears are very clunky. What I’m getting at is it’s not a smooth changing, leaning forward road bike, it’s a bike seen a lot of miles on dirt tracks, crank & derailleurs bashing into logs etc :joy:

So it’s not perfect but just wanted to check those results were average for my setup.


Don’t worry my bike is a lot older than yours, as long as the drivetrain is good.

Zwift speed may differ from your out door speed. Also try playing with the trainer difficulty slider.

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This is a useful article on the topic


I think you should definitely do the calibration before you look too hard at the numbers. I recently got a new smart/control trainer and I was very anxious to try it out in zwift. I sort of glossed over the calibration steps and jumped right in to zwift. The thing worked okay, but the numbers were sort of screwy. I later did all of the calibrations and setup properly and next time I rode in zwift everything worked much better and made more sense.

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Yup, new toy, wanted to play with it first then do the setup :rofl::rofl:

Of course you did. Had to.