Resistance in descents


I have a Drivo here and the hardware looks to be working fine, it’s calibrated an keeps the numbers very close to my garmin vectors.

I’m also running Zwift at maximum trainer difficulty (I read that it would give me the closest feel of gradients). And indeed while climbing in a 39x29, I’ll usually get 60-70 rpm at 10-12 kph, which is for me very accurate. In the flats, I also feel that the numbers are more or less matching the real thing. But it’s getting a little odd while descending: I’ll be going at something like 60 kph, holding a low wattage, but then I look down and find myself still in a 53x17 gear. It’s like the roller couldn’t release more resistance at that speed or maybe it’s the software that is underestimating the slope.

Am I missing something? Is this supposed to be like that or maybe something wrong with my Drivo?


Good news! It sounds like you’re Drivo is probably OK!

Raising the Trainer Difficulty setting does increase resistance on uphills, but it also decreases resistance on downhills. I quote fromthis Zwift How-To article:

“…In fact, set the slider to “Max” and your Zwift climbs feel as challenging as outdoor climbs of the same steepness. Remember that downhills get steeper, too. You can find yourself going so fast that spinning the pedals adds little more speed.”