Wahoo Kickr Snap and downhills

How does the Kickr Snap treat downhills in Zwift? It feels like I get the same resistance on a 7% decline as I at 0%…is this correct? I’ve messed with the trainer difficulty setting and this has a huge effect on inclines- however declines all just feel like 0%.
Thanks for any help

Yeah, I can’t say downhills feel like downhills but short of the trainer turning the wheel for you. I will say I notice slightly less resistance on a downhill but the feeling of say 40 watts and 80 watts is hard to perceive. 

Keep in mind that in the real world at 7% downhill, you probably are not going to pedal at all. With a standard crank (53T) and an 11 tooth cog in the back, after 45.1 mph you’re probably unable to effectively pedal.

zwift isn’t perfect but it’s still miles ahead of staring at a water heater or doing a coach Troy workout. (Spinnervals)

I know the Kickr doesn’t have a motor to assist on downhills- but I would think it would be able to reduce the resistance more than it does.
I still love it (and zwift)- just was wondering if everyone else had a similar experience as this.

I was really paying attention to this last night as I rode. Especially after descending after the Epic KOM / Antenna.

yes, descending 13+ grades pretty much felt like zero. Hard to get a true reading as to how much resistance there really was as even on the flats. I spun for a bit controlling my Kickr with the app and honestly, 60 watts and 100 watts felt about the same. 80 watts was around my threshold for being able to sense any change. Blow that it all felt as if there was no resistance at all.

On the descent from the Antenna, I hit 56mph (I’ve hit up to 59 in the past) pedaling in my 53/11 at 105 to 110 rpm and the watts were in the 130ish range. Totally unrealistic. The speed is accurate, but not the effort. IRL I have hit 53mph on a 9 percent downgrade (a 2 mile straight descent in New Hampshire)  so the 56 is not far off… were approaching terminal velocity on a bike.

from my standpoint, though, it’s still a trainer after all. I think Zwift is getting it right and maintaining a token level of resistance. I don’t want to “coast”. I want the legs to have a reason to keep turning.