Elite Suito: Resistance issue in comination with ERG

Hey all,
today I had a lot of problems by using the ERG mode during a workout. Everything worked fine during warm-up an during the intervalls. After completing the intervall phase the resistance of the Suito increased to a value that I wasn’t able to gear. I spinned down to zero and after a few seconds I was able to continue the ride again. Do u have any idea? Is it a bug of the Suito or did I do something wrong? I just tried to gear with the same cadence after the intervalls because I thoughed the ERG mode will automatically decrease resistance. Sorry, I have screenshot but I am not able to upload it…

I experienced the same with my last two workouts on my Elite Suito. It must be something with the last Zwift updates because before I never had problems with the ERG mode. In both cases ERG was initially on but halfway the workout stopped functioning.

Hope it gets fixed soon because the workouts are pretty useless without ERG.