Controlable function problem


I have a elite suito trainer and I m using an ant+ dongle.
I tried zwift 2 times (ftp test shorter in london yesterday and the gorby in watopia today).

The problem is: I don’t see any difference when I m clibing or when I m going down. It s always the same difficulty. I can be at 10 kph when I m climbing or 50 kph when I m going down I m still pedaling the same way.

Thanks in advance for helping me.


Are you using the ANT+ FE-C option when pairing the trainer?

yes I use FE-C option

Oh, you are doing workouts in ERG mode, have you tried just doing a free ride? ERG mode will always keep your resistance set at the target watts regardless of your rpm or the changes of elevation in game.

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thans for your advice I will try a free ride this afternoon

ok I tried a free ride and resistance is working normally.

Sorry I didn’t know ERG mode.

Thank you Mike!

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Here is more info on ERG mode for your reading pleasure.


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