Resitance stuck extremely high

After the last Tour de France stage, I did a spindown calibration because I suspected my number were a bit low. However now Zwift is completely unusable because resistance seems to be stuck at maximum. Even on fuego flat, I have to grind at 30rpm to get going. I am using an Elite Suito and it doesn’t seem to have similar problems with training from a gps head unit.

did you get anything resolved, i have similar issue, if i disable ERG mode resistance is too hard so i can only do planned intervals. Free ride is impossible…
did calibration via my-etraining but same thing…

Hi @Marko_Plevnjak

Do you say the free ride intervals in a workout is to hard.

You can decrease the free ride interval resistance from the companion app. Jus click the incline - button.

thanks, manage to “repair” it, it seems like there was an issue with drivers when ERG mode was disabled, no feedback to trainer was given so the trainer was exponentially increasing resistance in free ride, after ANT dongle drive reinstall today seems to be fine…

Hey man, I have kinda the same problem with my snap. Where did you get the ant driver to reinstall?

Hey All. I have the same issue with Zwift and Suito. Free ride is impossible because the resistance is too high. Erg mode works fine. In the beginning it worked fine, but after I did a calibaration the problem started. Can it be the ANT+ dongle ?