How to Calibrate my Elite Suito


I am new to Zwift and I have an Elite Suito Direct Drive interactive trainer.

I have noticed in some of my workout rides that I will be going down hill and trying to sprint but the resistance is very strong and I can barely pedal. I have heard you should recalibrate your trainer using the little wrench on the connection page but my Zwift app does not have the wrench to be able to do so.

Any advice on how to calibrate my trainer would be greatly appreciated.

If Elite has an app, you should use that to calibrate your trainer, instead of Zwift. Also, if you are using ERG mode during a workout it is very possible that the resistance could be high when going downhill if the wattage target you are trying to hit for the workout is high. In ERG mode the terrain is not indicative of the required effort.

Charlie, your question is more around ERG mode than calibrating the Suito. I also have a Suito and have not yet calibrated it!

Read up a bit on ERG mode. But in short… In workouts you are generally put in ERG mode. That means your trainer controls the resistance required for the training segment you are in. The terrain does not control it! So if you are in free ride mode, going downhill feels like going downhill. If you are in ERG mode in a workout, you workout says you must put out x watts and the trainer adjusts to that. So if you put out more/less than that, the trainer compensated the tension. You need not (and preferably must not!) shift. Get your gear and the trainer does the thinking.

Then, there is the spiral of death… GPSLama does best to convey that. But that happens most often when you relax at the end of a block and back off too much, ERG thinks you’re doing low cadence so bumps up the tension… and you can’t get out of that. Some other scenarios as well to get that, but check out his video.

Oh, as for the calibration: there’s a nice thread here (actually started by Shane himself!):

You basically need to ignore the on-screen 37kph wording and simply go up to 55kph. I’m actually planning on doing that just now.

Hope this helps!

You should calibrate your trainer once a week.
I did a month without calibrating it, I was being super competitive, real fast, amazing power and was impressing myself until I calibrated it and realised that I wasn’t that good and was just a normal rider.

There is however an issue with calibrating Suito. If you follow the instructions, you sit spinning endlessly at 37 and nothing happens.

I only found the thread Shane started yesterday myself, that says to ignore the instructions and spin up to 55 instead… Will do so before my next ride.

Calibrate it with the Elite app.