No resistance on Elite Suito with watts going up


I have a problem with my Elite Suito while Free Ride or racing, that there is no resistance when the gradient is increasing. The resistance is the same, but the watts on the screen are increasing so looks like quite easily I’m generating an enormous amount of watts. Just to give you an overview, I’m using Zwift on the iPhone app, and I thought it was related to too many devices connected to a phone, as I noticed that once I connected Sterzo Smart the issue appeared. But later I disconnected it and also the HR strap and it hasn’t fixed the issue. I tried many different solutions, disconnecting the app and pairing, calibrating in myEtraining app (default Elite app), and then uninstalling it, updating the Zwift app, connecting by Zwift companion to a laptop, but nothing helps.

Oh, and during the training sessions with ERG everything seems fine.

I would really appreciate any tips or advice what could fix it.