Elite Suito Calibration through Zwift

I have had my Elite Suito for about two months and have enjoyed the pain of indoor training. HOWEVER I saw in DCRainMaker’s write up that you’re able to calibrate through the Zwiff App. I have tried android and windows and I’m not seeing the option. I’m also running the latest update fyi… any suggestions?

The best option to calibrate ANY trainer is to do it with the manufactures app and not within Zwift. In your case that would be the Elite app.

How are you connecting the trainer to Zwift? I think it would need to be ANT+ to get the wrench symbol.

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I’m using an Alienware Laptop. Ant+ is how I’m connected

Use the Etraining elite app, not zwift for calibration

It’s pretty quick, you basically get an offset number and watch over time to see if it changes

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I had the same problem with my elite zumo I bought a new Bluetooth 4.o usb dongle and the calibration symbol popped straight up!

one question for you:
if the number after the calibrate with etraining is different than number write on the HT, what must I do ?


and sorry for my bad english

You can get the difference in number to elite and they’ll advise you

I think if it’s large enough you may have to adjust belt tension, but check with elite for their advice. My number changed slightly and elite assured me that it was fine and not to mess with it

Good luck!

Thank you.

I’m going to ask to elite.


Hi @Mike_Brooks , using Windows or Mac? Thx

That was using Windows, I have a MacBook Air and that never showed the calibration symbol. I think Zwift have changed things with the latest update. Unfortunately I had to return the sumo as it developed a fault I now have a Direto.

Thanks @Mike_Brooks ! I’ll try a bluetooth dongle myself then. Thx

Which number? I don’t see any on my Suito unit.

Look on the underside of the trainer, it’s pretty small and will have a handwritten number on it

I have to flip my direto upside down to see it