Sprinting on Zwift with a Elite Suito

I regularly participate in group rides on Zwift. I recently changed to an Elite Suito, I’m finding sprinting is nearly impossible due to lack of resistance and cadence regularly exceeding 150 rpm with peaks recorded as 200+ (which I don’t believe).

When I sprint out of a group I would expect resistance to increase as draft reduces but it feels like resistance reduces, power reduces as my spinning tends to reduce and power tapers off. Power peaks at about 650 W.

Is this normal? Is this how the flywheel feels?

I’ve increased trainer difficulty to 80% but will now change to 100% on Zwift. Will this help?

Performed calibration using elite software, spin down value is 10468 ms, slightly higher than factory figure, but consistent.

Any advice is welcomed.

Are you changing gears when you want to sprint? Trainer difficulty will only “feel” different on inclines and declines, it will have no effect on flat roads. The draft doesn’t change resistance on smart trainers to my knowledge either.

Hi @Gary_Cairns
I’m looking at your session logs on our server and I’m seeing the Elite paired as your power, cadence and controllable trainer devices. Simultaneously, there’s a Tacx Blue Motion paired as your trainer, and this might be throwing it off. Is the Blue Motion the trainer you were using previously?

  1. I’d like to have you start the game app, and unpair everything and re-pair carefully. If the Tacx is powered on, please power it off before you do this. Hopefully this configuration will be remembered moving forward.

  2. If that did not solve the problem, let’s try a manual uninstall / reinstall that nukes the entire configuration stored on your computer. Follow these steps please. Further down that discussion - please also follow these steps.

Please loop back and let us know how this worked out?

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I’ve followed all instructions including deleting pref.xml and removing and installing Zwift. Tried sprinting today, notice that cadence sensor doesn’t appear to be synched, still high readings on Strava is 250, when I stop pedalling expecting lag of 1-2 seconds but is probably closer to 10 second which is about same as spin down value in calibrating trainer. I can forward fit file if that helps?

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New pairing option this evening elite real world feel more realistic,