Elite Suito - Power Value Fluctuating

Good morning,
yesterday, during an structurated workout, I’ve experienced a fluctuating value pf the power using the Elito Suito and iOS.
The oscillation is around +/- 70-100 W without any cadence variations.
This issue appear after the update of Zwift app and the Suito firmware.
Someone else have experienced this issue?


I have the same issue.

Did you find solution for that?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Zlatan,
no, I don’t have yet a solution, but I’d spoke with Zwift and Elite support.
In this moment they don’t have found any issue in the log files sent to them.
The next step it’s calibrate the Suito with my e-training app and retry to use the workout mode.
In the meantime I’ll send to elite a file with some power step to analyze the behaviour of the trainer.
I think that I’ll do everything in the next couple of days.
When I’ll have an aswer from them, I’ll tell you.
In my opinion, I think that this behaviour it’s due to the new firmware of the suito.
How to solve? I don’t know, but the best thing could be have in the my e-training app the possibility to smooth signal’s power.
Keep in touch

Hi Andrea,

thanks for informations and help.

I will calibrate the trainer today again with e-training app and do a workout.

Thanks again

I have the exact same problem and the fly wheel has a wobble enough to shake the bike.
I contacted elite and they said the wobble is normal and no answer to the power issues.
If you get an answer please can you post as it’s terrible to race on.

Hi Richard,
I’ve not the final solution, but I’ve noted a little improvement with a new calibration of the suito with the my e-training app.
The power lecture is more stable and don’t have bigger fluctuation.
For the wobble on the flywheel, I think it’s better to contact Elite and sent a video or other proof because the mine trainer it’s very stable.

Hey Andrea
I have updated to version 4 via upgrado which I take it is the latest update?
I still however have big fluctuations in watts.

Hi Richard,
yes, this is the latest version of the firmware.
After you’ve updated make a small ride, then close Zwift and open my e-training app to do a calibration of the trainer.
I’ve seen a small variation on the data sent from the trainer to zwift.
It’s not the final solution yet, but there is a little improvement on the training’s behaviour.
What I’ve understand about this new firmware is the sensibility, specially if the legs (like in my case) aren’t fit in the same way.

It’s happening the same to me, I am unable to keep Watts stable, even doing same cadence and making same effort. I am connecting via Bluetooth and using iOS

Yes I am having the same problem. I have only had my Suito two months and when completing an FTP on Zwift yesterday it was impossible to keep the power stable in the requested zones. I have found the same issue with cadence which jumps around from 90-200!

Am I the only person that finds calibrating painful? It never seems to do what it should, I am never confident of the process. Considering they recommend it done once a month you would think they would have made it simpler/more reliable a process.

Same here with Elite Suito. Have tested it against my girlfriend’s Tacx Vortex and the power readings with that are very stable.

If anybody finds new information out please do post here.

Many thanks

I have the same problem with my new Suito. The power is not stable. Bluetooth and Windows App. Has any solution been found?