Suito power fluctuation


I don’t know if someone can help me here, but i take a chance.

I had a weird issue with my Suito. it’s been working very well for the past few months. Suddenly, last week, during a zwift session, the power as started to fluctuate a lot. It varie constantly between 0 and 2500 watts, no matter the speed or the resistance.

At this time, i though it was a problem with Zwift, but the same issue happen in My eTraining. I tried another ant + dongle, bluetooth, always same thing. I tried on another device, same thing again.

Elite support doesn’t help, they only said that it’s a problem with my apps and i need to update it. So everything is up to date. I also did a calibration a few times.

Last thing, the firmware of the Suito is up to date (191).

Someone has an idea about what’s going on ?

Thanks in advance