Elite Suito power meter problem

Hi. I have a Suito trainer. it has been fine until a few months ago. I use it for racing on zwift and for a while it has felt like my power output is lower than it should be.I think the problem has been getting gradually worse over time.
I’ve now tested on several rides with assioma favero power meter pedals at the same time, on zwift. when I set it so the Suito isn’t providing resistance the readings are identical. but with resistance on there is a big difference, between 8% and 20% lower for the Suito than the pedals.
I’ve calibrated in zwift and in the my training app, and in installed firmware updates recently. no change.

Now I know why my WTRL results were pretty poor… Keen to get it fixed before round 2!

Has anyone experienced something similar?

Yes, exactly the same issue with my Suito T. There is a 60 watts difference between my real FTP and the one issued by the Zwift test. I read forums and it seems it was a problem until the end of 2022. Is there a fix ? I hope so

Why don’t you use your Assiomas as power source? Zwift is just using the Watts transmitted by trainer, there is nothing to fix.

Calibrate in Elite app only, not in Zwift.