Low Power on Zwift with Elite Suito trainer

Hi folks, I’ve been having an issue that only started recently. I have an Elite Suito trainer and I use the Zwift app on my iPhone XR. When I connect to Zwift and start riding the power readings are very low for the first 2-3 minutes. Usually around 40-50 watts. After 2-3 minutes it will then correct and go up to 150-200 watts and everything is fine for the rest of the ride. I’ve tried upgrading the firmware for the trainer as well as calibrating it on multiple occasions, but no luck. I can also correct the problem by starting to ride then ending the existing the Zwift ride and starting a new ride. Has anyone else encountered this issue?


Sorry can’t help you on that but you might get a better response on the owners fb group i would try here if you don’t find an answer on Zwift forums.

ps do you have a bike head unit can you try riding with that to confirm it’s a trainer issue and not zwift doing something odd. I’d find that unlikely but worth ruling out.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll take a look in the Facebook group and connect it to my Garmin head unit to see if it does the same thing.