Problems with elite novo force 8

Hi everyone,
I’ve tried searching for such problem in this forum but no luck.
I just recently bough an elite novo force 8 trainer with misuro b+ sensor and I tried pairing it with zwift app. Everything was succesfull, but when I pair it I see totally insane cycling speed - over 500-600 mph when i pedal at normal speed. Also when I enter race or anything, I start pedaling and my avatar stays still untill I stop pedaling and my roller comes to a full stop, only then my avatar starts moving for like 10 seconds and then stops again.

When I pedal in myEtraining app (elite’s cycling app) all the data shows just fine (speed, cadence, power)

I set 1 led blink for my misuro sensor, 3rd resistance level on the trainer (i’ve tried different misuro positions, like 3 and 7, also different resistance levels but still nothing good comes out of it)
Can anyone help me solve this?

Anyone? Please… really trying to get into home training

Is the trainer supported. What setting does Zwift recommend.

Yes, the trainer ir supported. The app reccomends setting 3 which i am using, so cant understand whats the problem