Elite novo force 8 and misuro B+ - avatar not moving

Briefly, as per title.
I looked for similar topics but they are all 2+ years old and none of them have a solution.

I am trying to set up my trainer to work on Zwift. I have an elite novo force 8 (8 resistance levels) combined with a misuro B+ sensor.

On the desktop app, the misuro sensor gets recognized as a cadence+power sensor, but while my cadence is correctly registered, my power stays at 0 and my avatar doesn’t ever move.

I think that the problem is in the misuro sensor being read as power sensor, as I don’t have any other option to further configure it (e.g. I can’t tell the software at what resistance level I am at).

Is the misuro B+ supported at all? And if yes, what obvious thing I am missing that makes it work?

Thank you in advance!


hi Sandro and welcome to the Zwift forum. i don’t have enough expertise to answer your question, but there are participants on the forum who will likely be along and can help out. There is a very good article on cyclistshub. com you could check out and in that article they say " Yes, you can use the Elite Novo Force bike trainer with Zwift. However, you will need a power meter OR a cadence and speed sensor so Zwift can calculate your power."

Hey Chris, first of all thank you so much for your help,

I followed your suggestion

and, to be fair, now I get a wattage reading! It was utterly wrong, and I hand-cranked 7k watts, but it works! I believe that now it’s a matter of tuning the misuro B+ to the proper configuration, as it can accommodate a vast array of different trainers.

On the topic, among the various elite trainers, zwift lets me select a generic “novo force” trainer, suggesting the third resistance level. I believe that my novo force with 8 levels is not “officially” supported, but in case someone from the internet stumbles upon this post, for the novo force 8 the fifth level or resistance is the equivalent that should be used!