Elite Novo Force 8 / Misuno B+ speed not accurate


I’m using an Elite Novo Force 8 trainer with the Misuro B+ speed and cadence sensor. The cadence is accurate but the speed in Zwift is significantly higher than actual (e.g. 200 km/h). The sensor is paired for speed and cadence.

I have selected the proper trainer and wheel size (700 x 23c) in the Zwift app, and set the trainer to setting “3” as recommended. Even with higher resistance levels, the speed and wattage are completely unreasonable (still 150km/h). Also replaced the battery in the Misuro B+ and it is set to 1 blink.

To test if the sensor is working, the Elite My E-Training app shows the correct speed data (e.g. 20 km/h) and correct cadence data.

Zwift is running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

Does anyone have an idea of what the issue could be? I reached out to the “official support” for Zwift but they only provided a link to the basic Elite trainer setup page (which I have read through thoroughly to ensure the set up is correct). The only thing I can think of is an issue with wheel size. Elite says that for non-Elite apps (i.e. Zwift) the size should be set based on the trainer roller diameter (30mm) rather than actual wheel size which corresponds to 94mm roller circumference - this is the only thing I haven’t tried. How can I set a custom wheel size/roller diameter in Zwift?

Another solution is to get a different sensor altogether but it’s odd that the speed is accurate in the Elite app but not Zwift with the Mizuro sensor.

Thank you.