Elite Qubo Fluid and Misuro B+ with Zwift

Hello everyone
I have tried to setup Elite Qubo using Misuro B+ as sensor and I can select only as power source not as speed / cadence.
Using it as power source it does not detect any power as you can see in the screenshot.

Anyone is having the same compatibility issue?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi there, I have to same issue, I have tried using as an ANT with tyre size to use as a speed sensor, but when I do that it records my speed as over 75kph and I get in ride message telling me I am either an awesome cyclist or all the kit is set up wrong. Starting to think that swift is a big waste of time money and effort

It was my bad actually… I did not configure Misuro B+ properly, as explained in the instructions, it needs to be configured with 5 blinks for Elite Qubo Fluid. Then, the detection is decent.

However, now the issue is that I cannot adjust how it detects the power / speed - it detects the quite low speed and I cannot adjust in Zwift…

Same here! Zwift connects to Misuro B+ on a Qubo Fluid (yeah, five clicks) but shows a very low speed or no speed at all! Any ideas?

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I have the same problem

I just purchased an Elite Qubo Fluid and am wondering if I should also buy the Misuro B+ sensor for Zwift. Has anyone got this setup working in Zwift? I’m wondering if maybe I should just buy a speed/cadence sensor for use with Zwift. I think Zwift knows the power profile of the trainer, so can calculate power based on speed. Thoughts/opinions? Thanks in advance!

If you plan on racing send it back and get a smart trainer.