Misuro B+ on Qubo Power Mag

I just ordered a Misuro B+ for my Power Mag trainer.
How do I connect it and how many blinks should I set it to? It’s really frustrating since Elite said that this sensor will work with zwift yet it doesn’t.

Hopefully someone here has the same set up fixed and can help me.

Hi @Santeri_Jounila

Welcome to the forum.

That trainer does work on Zwift. Do a search on the forum and you should find many posts with instructions. The Elite website should also give you the instructions.

Hi @Santeri_Jounila ,

Looking at the related Zwift support article, it seems the Misuro B+ is only referenced when used with an Elite Turbo Muin trainer.

It may be possible to get the Misuro B+ to function with some other trainers like the Elite Qubo Power Mag, but I’m not finding written documentation which confirms that doing so is officially supported.

That being said, in that same aforementioned article, there’s a section that references choosing “Elite Power Mag (L3)” at the Zwift trainer selection and this is when using a speed sensor (e.g. standard BLE and/or ANT+ speed sensor – not the Misuro B+).