Problems pairing

hello , i am unable to make Zwift work with my Elite turbo trainer (Model Qubo Fluid red roller), equipped with Misuro B+. I can pair the speed and speed +cadence (both are pairing) but as soon as I start riding, the speed goes to 60 mph and 1200w and I start overtaking all the other riders without even pedalling… I then receive the notification that there is a problem with my settings. I have contacted Zwift support team and shared the log files with them… but no resolution yet. I changed the battery of the bluetooth sensor (Misuro B+) and also checked the position on the turbo trainer. It is pairing and working fine with the Elite App my training and bkool app and website. I am thinking that I might have no other choice than cancelling my subscription with Zwift if I cannot make this work… Any help or advise on what could cause this issue would be appreciated. thanks

How many ‘blinks’ are you setting on the Misuro B+ calibration Samuel?

Paul, I don’t know. Is there a particular number of blinks to set up and how could I find out? Thanks

I think therein lies your problem Samuel. 

I’d recommend dropping the Misuro unit and using separate Speed and Cadence sensors.

What kind of computer set up are you using - PC/Mac/tablet/phone?

Paul, many thanks. I didn’t know and i am grateful that you sent these links. OK. I will read and try to set it up. if this doesn’t work, I will use a separate sensor, is there one you would recommend by any chance? thanks again for your help. I am using a macbook air.

If you don’t have any luck with the Misuro, check out the Wahoo range of ANT+/Bluetooth sensors.

You will also need an ANT+ USB dongle for your computer.

Thank you Paul

Latest update - I am posting this explanation received from Zwift in case others have the same problem… 

trainer/sensor combination isn’t working is because Zwift calculates speed based on wheel circumference, while the Misuro B+ measures roller circumference, and you can’t select roller circumference in Zwift. While the Misuro B+ works with the Turbo Muin series, it won’t work with Elite’s other classic trainers in Zwift.

The good news is that your trainer should still be compatible if you combine it with a traditional wheel-based speed sensor. We have a sample list of sensors that work with Zwift on our website. Essentially you will need a speed sensor that reads the wheel rotations from your rear wheel. I really like the Wahoo speed sensor. It transmits both Bluetooth and Ant+ so it will work with Zwift over either BLE or ANT+.