Going far to slow

I have just connected a new Elite Turbo Muin B+ trainer to Zwift and was really looking forward to test the application. However, something must be wrong. It is absolutely impossible to follow any group and I am not in that bad shape.

I have tried to adjust trainer difficulty and my weight setting but the problem remains. Any more obvious settings that can be adjusted.

As it is now it is at least completely useless.

Would really appreciate some advice

I also would like to add that my reason for buying the Elite Turbo Muin B+ was because it was listed as Zwift supported

I checked our back end to make sure that you were paired and set up correctly and it looks like you are.  Zwift reads the watts directly from the trainer, so if you believe it’s way too low it may be an issue with the trainer itself or how you have it calibrated.  The  Elite manual should have instructions for setting it up and how many “blinks” you should set it too and how to tighten the belt if needed.  If you’re still having issues with the calibration of your trainer, you may want to contact Elite Support at real@elite-it.com to investigate the situation. Remember to add the trainer serial number and the number of flashes you’ve set in the Misuro to your request.  You are also welcome to open a support ticket with us and include your log.txt files found in your documents/zwift/logs folder on your hard drive.  With your current setup, it is unlikely that this is the issue but we would be happy to double check for you :) 

The answer I got from you solved the problem immediately. Thank you very much! 

I checked the Elite installation manual and there was really nothing there. I think the explaination is that in the “Elite Turbo Muin B+” version the Ant+/BLE sensor is already installed. When I seached on Google there were youtube instructions where the the Ant+/BLE senser was installed separately and in that case there were instructions. 


Would this also be the case for the Elite Qubo Digital smart b+ trainer? I found that i was working way harder than what was happening on screen. If i can sort the issue i’ll definitely be go beyond the free 7 day trial but as it stands i cant commit due to this.

Any help would be great thanks.


More info is need to assist you.

I have tried the steps above and calibrated the trainer on the P3 setting. Hopefully that will work. I wish I had looked at this before my free trial ran out!!


You can contact support and let them know the issues you were having and they extend your trial a little: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thanks Paul. I have taken your advice and contacted them on the link you provided. Cheers.