Elite Real Turbo Muin Help

Hi all,

Brand new to this Zwift lark. I have borrowed an old Turbo Muin from a friend to limit my time outside during these crazy times. I have just set it up and managed to get it working through its own software then I had it working through Zwift. Then it stopped.

I can’t seem to get it to Puck up any power anymore. It links through ant+ along with my HR belt but is not communicating any power. I have read a few threads and there is mention of an extra sensor, which I don’t have. Is there a way to resolve this without any extra hardware?


Hi @Daniel_Fletcher welcome to Zwift forums!

Elite made two differerent models - the Turbo Muin was introduced 2013-ish, and broadcasts ANT in an odd way. It does not broadcast Bluetooth. DC Rainmaker has an article about the ANT specifics. Keep in mind that 2013 was before trainer companies agreed upon the Bluetooth and ANT sub-protocols for fitness equipment we have now.

The Real Turbo Muin B+ broadcasts in both ANT+ and Bluetooth. Would you verify which model you have?

Either way - first step is to make sure that you force close the Elite app. You don’t want both apps running at the same time.

Then - please follow the guidelines on pairing Elite trainers.

Hi Shuji,

Thanks for the response. I have ordered the Elite B+ add-on, it will arrive tomorrow then I am hoping the rest will be a simple fix following the guidance of this thread here: Elite Turbo Muin and Elite Misurio B+ How I got it working after a month of stress

If I have any problems, I will be back.


@Daniel_Fletcher would you loop back and let us know how it works out? We’d love to see a conclusive solution.

The Misuro is just a transmitter (basically a fancy speed sensor that transmits power (or an approximation thereof) and cadence), you won’t get resistance control with it if you really have the Real Turbo Muin.

Hi Anna,

I’m not too bothered about that. I just want an accurate power output and a working trainer. I will be doing my own workouts etc.



Of course! Should be at some point today!

Hi Shuji,

I have had some success - but not much!

I have followed the ‘blink’ setup from the elite Misuro B+ guidance. I went for 10 as I have the Real Turbo Muin (SN 10494). It registers on Zwift and works but is not accurate. I get up to speed, which seems a lot harder than normal, then when I stop pedalling I coast for a long time.

Not sure what else to do, any suggestions?




The resistance “feel” for a classic trainer is based on several things. Your functional threshold power (FTP) number has a great bearing on trainer feel. FTP is the maximum power that you can sustain for a given period of time. If your FTP number is too high for your actual abilities, then pedaling becomes very difficult. If your FTP is too low, you won’t feel enough resistance.

In your case, try manually bumping down the FTP number in your profile in half. That’s a big jump that should make a drastic difference, and you should now feel like you have not enough resistance Then raise it by splitting the difference. This is a quick check to prove / disprove validity of this theory.

If you get close to the feel / speeds you’d ride outdoors at the end of this manual messing about, it’s time to do a mini “ramp test”. Look in the Workout section for a workout called Zwift Cycling 101. This is an intro to structured workouts and FTP concepts. The third stage of that is a mini FTP test that will determine your actual abilities.